Roots2Rise makes yoga and mindfulness available to everyone in the city of Philadelelphia! 



Our primary focus is COMMUNITY: Roots2Rise makes yoga accessible to individuals, organizations, locations and populations where it is currently not available. 

Our community programs bring the practice to you, to your community, to your organization, with the intention of service.

We aim to leave the community empowered. Roots2Rise believes that every body can benefit from yoga. We make a commitment to each individual we encounter. We work to give you tools of health and personal well being. 

We want to meet you! Reach out to us, let us know how we can serve!




Find out how we started, what we have accomplished by being in service, and what we will create together.

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Take Action

Are you ready to be an active participant in something greater than yourself?  Contribute to our mission, be of service, and get involved!

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